Governor Ige presenting a distinguished congratulatory certificate for 20 years of excellent work to Dr. Dan Kehoe of North Shore Mental Health in May of 2016.

About Us

North Shore Mental Health Philosophy

We are an organization of mental and behavioral health providers that service the island of O'ahu. We believe that the mental health needs of our youth, adults, and families are best served by licensed professionals who offer personal knowledge of our unique Oahu communities, schools, and cultures that they reside in. We provide school and community based services with convenient office locations . We have an immediate array of services available 24/7 if needed, to our youth, adults, and families. Our services offer a variety of multi-cultural sensitive and family oriented psychotherapeutic and behavioral approaches. We hope to promote physical and mental well being through coordination of our array of services. We believe that everyone has the potential and right to have the best quality of life possible.

North Shore Mental Health Purpose

We fulfill community based mental health needs through our work with the Department of Health by the Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD) as well as the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Our work with the Department of Health includes services with instructional service consultants, and skills trainers.

Our work with the Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD) addresses the needs of adults with serious mental illness through community based cased management (CBCM). This work has expanded to our contract case management work with the Ohana Well Care Medical insurance company.

In addition our work with the Department of Human Services addresses the needs of the Developmentally Disabled children and adults through the DDD-PAB work.

North Shore Mental Health also works with the Alcohol Drug Abuse Division.

Our community based clinical and behavioral mental health services include diagnostic and evaluation procedures, care coordination, and a variety of direct treatment services. These direct services include Individual and Family therapy or consultation, Skills Training, Personal Assistance, Psychiatry, Medication Management, and Community Based Case Management at our community based offices throughout O'ahu.

Client Rights with North Shore Mental Health

Annually North Shore Mental Health, with assistance from the "Toys for Tots" program, distribute hundreds of toys to families being served by NSMH. Our North Shore Mental Health agency has distributed over 3000 toys to the children of clients.